It’s like the SIMS…only NDN style…your car is a beater even :D

This looks so damn cool, but they lost funding I guess and are still trying to get the project going.  So many good ideas out there, and not enough money to get them going.  But we can spend billions on shit I don’t even want to start deconstructing, you know?  Grrrr.

On their “Our Story” page, this really struck me:

Years ago while visiting his grandma Lucinda Robbins in
Tahlequah, Oklahoma, CEO Don Thornton purchased a
Cherokee-English Dictionary written by a professor from the
local University. When he showed the dictionary to his
grandma, she commented in a frail but angry voice: “That
man used to come to my house for three years asking how to
say words in Cherokee. Pretty soon it would be lists of
phrases. I fixed his lists for three years and all I wanted was a
copy of the finished work but never received one.” Don
flipped through the pages of the entire dictionary looking for
her name but Lucinda Robbin’s name was nowhere to be
found. She was not credited for her work, not only that, she
was never paid and did not even receive a copy of the work.

Yup.  Pretty typical.  People make money off our languages and our knowledge all the time…and we can’t even get resources like this game put out there.

Any millionaires out there who want to fund this language programming? 

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