Not one but TWO amazing albums for free!

Yesterday, A Tribe Called Red dropped their debut album for FREE.  You can download it here.  If you have any available funds, please consider donating for the privilege of listening to some truly sick beats.  Their track Woodcarver, about the shooting of John Williams is…very powerful.  Difficult to listen to at times.  Their Electric Powwow track is brilliant.  When the beat drops….it punches you in the chest and fondles your liver.  Amazing.

Also, Wab Kinew is awesomely offering his MideSun album for free.  You can access the download here, on the Red Man Laughing page.  Ryan McMahon conducts a truly excellent interview with Wab that you don’t want to miss.  He also makes an appearance on the album as Clarence Two Toes!  Sooo many excellent tracks and Heroes is one of my favourite songs to listen to.

Both of these albums are great to listen to, and carry strong and positive messages.