The settler need to be ‘oppressed’.

The absolute need to be anything but just ‘white’ has settlers looking for minority status everywhere it seems.   Used to be, you could claim to be ‘bi’ and that was edgy enough, but that’s no good anymore.  Nor is it enough to claim to be a (self-diagnosed) autistic, or person with AHDD, OCD, MPD, etc.

It’s not enough to join an ‘edgy religion’.  Nope, now they need to be transethnic and even weirder shit.

It’s all hilarious, but what it really highlights is how totally oblivious settlers are to what oppression actually is.  Because NO ONE wants that shit when they have it.  No one.  And what you really need to understand about these fucking settlers and their oppression fetish is that they seriously honestly DON’T GET IT.  They really think that being part of a marginalised group is fun.

They really think that being part of a marginalised group is FUN.

Hey guys, we’re a club and they want in.

I cannot face palm hard enough.

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  8. flammentanzerin said: These people always want to be something they’re not so as to avoid confronting their own privilege and realising that they are terrible people.
  9. fifthstarter said: i people want to claim to be part of a marginalized group so they can get out of taking responsibility for their own racism. “i can’t be racist, i’m 1/8 cherokee princess!” etc.
  10. selchieproductions said: Yeah, no jobs, racial slurs, lack of resources, dealing with the effects of still on-going colonialism and never being considered fully human is so fun. I simply cannot with the oppressed olympians … “It must be so cool to be native” mlaldgfrh.
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