The Delta Kappa Epsilons are already on the U of A shit list, having been suspended for 5 years because of hazing:

The incidents, which included forcing individuals to eat their own vomit, depriving them of sleep and confining them to a plywood box, were captured on video.

An eagle eye noticed that the Ranch Roadhouse, an Edmonton club, was hosting an event called, “Western Bros, Nava-hoes”. You can read their response to being questioned about this, in the link above.  They later deleted that exchange completely.  So I asked some people back home to take a look at the posters and find out who exactly was having this party…lo and behold, it’s the Dekes.  Cue my utter lack of surprise.

They have a contact page here.

I think perhaps they need to hear from you.

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    ^I’ve been interviewed by the journal. Yayyyy I’m so glad that this story has picked up so much attention Also, the...
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    erm, fraternities in every single state regularly do more terrible things than this
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    FYI This story is going to be in the Gateway and the Edmonton Journal
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    And yet, another reason why I hate Greek Life.
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    I was wondering that. The university can’t actually do anything about it, can they? (I mean, I doubt that they would...
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    hey, wait, it’s DKE. they’re the ones who were caught doing awful things here, too.
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    …of course it’s the Dekes. Of fucking course. If they’re suspended over the hazing stuff, why are they being allowed to...
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    Bull. If the tickets have the location on them, changing the event name won’t make a rat’s ass of difference. In fact,...
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    Freaking disgusting. I am not at all surprised that it’s the Dekes.
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  23. ayiman said: the dekes?! ugh. figures.
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    oh, the dekes, highly unsurprising and entirely maddening. let’s show them what’s what
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    I am hearing that they ‘can’t change the name because the tickets are already printed’, although apparently they will...
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    It’s beyond disrespectful, it’s disgusting and sickening racism.