"White tears" You sound charming and open =/ I genuinely ask how credible can someone be taken when they treat you the same way they blame you of treating them? When I see a human, I don't see color. What you fight for is noble and just (plain logical too!) but by belittling others, you are just as much in the wrong. I had visited your blog previously while educating myself on native issues and finding you to be a great source of knowledge but right now, all I see is "white this, white that"

“I don’t see colour.”

“When you denounce racism you’re as bad as people who are racist.”

And what is it that you are so upset about? Let’s review. I used the term ‘white’, ‘whites’ and ‘white tears’. Apparently, the term ‘white’ is so egregious and just plain rude, that all the detailed, nuanced and well-researched stuff I publish is negated en masse.  Heck, you might not even listen to me anymore. Maybe you weren’t anti-native until I started getting uppity (another very common ‘helpful tidbit’ from the terminally clueless bent on tone-policing).

Frankly, if that’s your position, I sincerely hope you don’t actually consider yourself an ally, because you have a hell of a long way to go before you can even begin to understand what systemic racism actually is…and how the very complaints you raise are a large part of it.

I’m not going to apologise for using a term “WHITE” which was deliberately created by and for the people who benefit directly from systemic racism. Y’all get to legislate and define everyone else’s identities, but call a settler ‘white’ and suddenly we’re the racists.


  1. forthegoodofthehood said: People with privilege and their insistence with equivocating things that aren’t the same….
  2. wicked-grin said: the “being mean to white people is the same as institutionalized racist violence” argument is the WORST
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